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Anchorseal Brush Storage

It is common practice to coat the end grain of turning blanks cut from green wood with a wax emulsion to slow the escape of water and hopefully minimize splitting and checking.  One lable for the wax emulsion is Anchorseal;  another is Sealtite (Klingspore), and yet another is “Green Wood End Sealer” (Woodcraft).  

The sealer is usually applied with a brush which is rather difficult to clean after use.  Here’s a simple idea that makes cleaning the brush unnecessary.

Use a plastic coffee container to hold the sealer.  Store the brush inside the container.  As long as the lid is snapped on tight, the brush will not dry out or harden, and the sealer in the bottom will not go bad in any way.  

I only pour sealer into the container to a depth of 1/2” to 3/4”. This way, only a fraction of the length of the bristles are covered when the brush is stored inside the container.