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Table of Contents
Fixtures and Chucks for Woodturners

Chapter 1  Drive Centers and Live Centers

What holds a spindle in place?
How to find the center of a spindle
Project: Turn an oval tool handle
How to seat a drive center
Truing a spindle blank
Truing a blank for a hollow form
Hollow forms from punky wood
Scroll chucks and spindles
How to remove a completed spindle from the lathe
Friction drive for spindle-turning practice

Chapter 2  Faceplates and Screw Centers

Faceplates and bowl blanks
Project: Make your own faceplate
Screw chucks
Project: A shopmade screw chuck
Making a faceplate extension

Chapter 3  Scroll Chucks

 Anatomy of a scroll chuck
Choosing a tenon diameter
Expanding the jaws into a recess
Two ways to prepare a bowl blank for chucking
Rechucking a piece in the same position
Using a scroll chuck as a jam chuck
Project: Make a reference plate

Chapter 4  Handy Shopmade Chucks

Waste blocks and glue blocks
Project:  Turn a plate or platter
How to attach a tenon to a disk
A screw chuck for beads and buttons
A screw chuck for knobs
How to make a backing plate
Attaching the workpiece to a backing plate
How to turn a large ring

Chapter 5  Jam Chucks

The concept
How to center the foot
Jam chucking against a flat surface
Custom inserts for flat-plate jam chucks
Jam chucking without the tailstock
Internal jam chucks
How to finish the foot of a hollow form
How to true up a badly warped bowl blank
How to make a compression (sandwich) chuck
Cup centers
Project: Jam-chuck fixtures for the live center

Chapter 6  Collets and Mandrels

Collet chucks
Project: Make your own collet chuck
Project: Make a PVC collet chuck
Use a Jacobs chuck as a collet chuck
A mandrel variation: The pin chuck
Bead mandrel

Chapter 7  Cole Jaws, Doughnut Chucks, and Longworth Chucks

Cole jaws
Doughnut chuck
Project: Make a doughnut chuck
Doughnut chuck setup
How to use Cole jaws with a doughnut chuck
The Longworth chuck
Project: Make your own Longworth Chuck

Chapter 8  Vacuum and Vacuum Systems

Atmospheric pressure and vacuum
Force produced by a vacuum chuck
The best source of vacuum
Designing a vacuum system
How to assemble the system
The anatomy of shopmade couplers
Couplers for the Powermatic
Couplers for the Jet mini
Sealing the coupler bearing

Chapter 9  Vacuum Chucks

Materials for vacuum chucks
How to mount a vacuum chuck on a faceplate
Vacuum chucks with a threaded hub
A gallery of vacuum chucks
Centering the workpiece on a vacuum chuck

Chapter 10  Steady Rests

 Vibration, bending, and flexing
Steadies: From large to small
Project:  A steady with a circular frame
Project:  A steady with vertical posts
Project:  A bowl steady
Project:  A string steady
Project:  A tailstock-mounted string steady
Project:  A tailstock-mounted clothespin steady

Chapter 11  Turning Projects

 Project:  Make an endgrain box with a lid
Project:  Make a suspended bowl with a lid
Project:  Make a globe-type tree ornament
Project:  Turn a ball
Project:  Make a holder for candles or confetti lights
Project:  Turn a natural-edge bowl

Chapter 12  Assembled Pieces

How to attach a foot to a bowl
How to add a decorative rim to a bowl
9 ways to make and join stackable elements
Two ways to turn a hollow vessel
Project:  A vessel in two parts
Project:  A vessel hollowed through the bottom


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