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Slightly Offbeat   

A box made of stackable sections.  Beech, 5” h, 4” d, with pyrography.

President’s challenge:  something useful for the home, other than a bowl. I made this candle holder that may provide a source of light in an emergency.  Base is plum; midsection is plum with a cedar ring.  Top is gum.  9” h, 5” d

President’s challenge:  make something with a finial.  So what do you do when the only thing you can turn is a bowl?  Make a bowl with a finial, of course.  Bowl is cherry, 7.5” d, 2.5” h.  The finial, a bit overstated, is gum and cherry, 12” h.  Center section of the finial is hollow.

President’s challenge:  make a gavel to be used for calling the club meetings to order.  This is my entry.  The sounding board is made from a cedar shingle more than 40 years old, selected for the distinctive sound it makes when struck.  A round ball was chosen for the head of the “gavel” because a traditional type is too heavy – might break the sounding board if the crowd is a bit unruly.  Length of gavel: 11”.  Didn’t win.

Yet another President’s challenge:  something whimsical.  I submitted this tall cup made from spalted willow, which is very light.  Handle is ash.  Cup is 6” h; saucer is 4.25” d.  

Left, a ball 3” d turned from gum, resting on a maple stand colored with india ink.  Right, an ash ball 3.25” d, an ash ball 2” d on the stand, and the gum ball shown in the photo at left.   

I’ve made many kaleidoscopes.  This is the first, a prototype made from very plain wood, which I colored with acrylic inks.  Not everyone likes my choice of colors.  For instructions on how to build a kaleidoscope, check out the Links , accessible via the home page.  The following images were obtained from the kaleidoscope shown at left.

Another challenge was to make something out of plywood.  I decided to make a Ball ‘n’ Bowl, a bit of a play on words.  However, it developed into something astronomical, which I enhanced with airbrushed colors.  The ball is hollow, 4” d.  Bowl is 13” d, 4.5” h.  Overall height is 11”.  The pedestal for the ball is reinforced with a 1/4” dowel.