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Doc Green’s Woodturning Site

What’s this Website all About?

The primary objective of this endeavor is to collect, assemble, and present information relating to woodturning. A very small fraction is original material, but most has been gleaned from websites, books, magazines, and other turners via forums, emails, and demonstrations.  The writing is mine.

Most of the information is general knowledge so that it’s impossible to identify the original source.  However, credit is given where credit is due if the originator can be identified.  

When I find a good description of a topic on another website, a link to that site is provided. I’m still looking for good sites that have clearly-written informational articles on various woodturning topics.  However, I tend to shy away from text-only articles because of readability issues and the difficulty in “getting the picture.”

And, of course, I use this website to toot my own horn, just a little but hopefully not too much.  Many of the turning-related gadgets and contrivances I’ve come up with are described here, and the galleries show a few of the pieces I’ve made.  

In the relatively short time I’ve been turning (since 2004), I’ve learned a lot and made a lot of shavings, but I’m the first to admit that I still have a long way to go.  One of the benefits of doing a website like this is that after I’ve gathered the information and written an article, . . . I get to read it!   I learn a lot that way.