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Thin CA Glue Applicator

Here is an applicator for thin CA that allows you to put the glue exactly where you want it.  It never clogs, and one will last almost forever.  It’s a plastic pipette obtained from a hobby shop, distributed by Bob Smith Industries.

What you do is uncap the bottle of thin CA and then use the pipette like a long, thin medicine dropper.  If any CA remains in the pipette after you use it, just squeeze it back into the bottle.   

The pipette is stored by inserting it through a small hole in the lid of a bottle partially filled with acetone.  Squeeze the bulb to draw acetone up into the pipette.

I’ve used a single pipette on a regular basis for well over a year. The plastic bottle will last forever but the level of acetone in the bottle will gradually fall over a period of several months.  It’s a simple matter to top it off with more acetone.

To make it less likely to get knocked over when the bottle is uncapped, I made a base that the bottle of CA fits into.  The CA bottle is stored in the base.

Here are a couple of fine points:

   1.  The thin CA tends to ooze and drip from the tip because heat from your fingers gradually warms the air inside the bulb of the pipette.  The air expands and forces the CA out through the tip.  The way to avoid this nuisance is to warm the bulb of the pipette inside a loosely-clenched fist for a few seconds prior to filling it with CA.  

  2.  When you squirt the unused CA back into the bottle, a tiny drop will remain on the tip of the pipette.  Blot this off by touching it to a swatch of paper towel.  If you don’t, you will get a gradual accumulation of solidified CA around the hole in the lid of the acetone bottle.  This comes from accidentally touching the tip to the edge of the hole as you reinsert the pipette.  With each touch, a tiny bit more is added to the accumulation.

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