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Exposure Controls

Part 1:  Describes an important property of film and sensor sensitivity.  Illustrates the effect of focal length and aperture on image brightness. Explains focal length, aperture, and f-number.

Part 2:  Shows how the standard f-numbers (f-stops) are obtained by considering the area of the aperture of a hypothetical lens.

Part 3:  Gives the standard shutter speeds and describes the ISO scale for rating film and sensor sensitivity.  How to determine equivalent exposures.  Explains aperture and shutter priority.

Image Editing with Photoshop Elements

Part 1: Image Editing - What it’s all about

The purpose of these articles.  What image editing is all about.  Introduction to Photoshop Elements.

Part 2:  Cropping;  Brightness/Contrast

How to use Elements to crop an image and adjust the brightness and contrast.

Part 3:  Making Color Corrections

How to restore the proper color balance to an image; also, a method to determine when the color balance is correct.

Part 4: Resizing and Reducing File Size

Resizing an image with Elements.  Also, a brief explanation of JPEG compression and how the Quality number affects file size.

Part 5: Slightly Beyond Basic Editing

A less-detailed explanation of the Rotate function, Unsharp Mask, Clone/Stamp, and Selection tools.